Welcome to the OMC website.


OMC stands for Old Man Clan and rightly so, given the fact that the majority of our members are over 40 years old. We have members from all around the world and with many different backgrounds.  Bringing together friends from different parts of the world make us a well rounded group of people that have a lot of fun together.


We are proud to say that we are the original snipe clan dating back to Soldier of Fortune. However, we are more than a clan. We are a family that shares each others pain and happiness. This is the reason unlike some servers; we do not have open membership. You have to show to our
OMC family that you would fit in by displaying Honor in all aspects of the word.


We do have rules that govern our game play depending on the games played and different types of maps. If you want to cheat, please go elsewhere. If you want to use foul language, you will go somewhere else. If all you want at the end of a game is the highest score, go to another server. Granted we do compete at times but we are a family oriented group that is here to have fun. If you like having fun then you are more then welcome to play and enjoy. 


If you would like to enhance your game play and have even more fun you can join our teamspeak server.  Here we can talk to each other during game play which makes the experience even better.


Once you have downloaded Teamspeak, run the program and the IP for our server is: and the password is omcsnipe.

OMC is a brotherhood, OMC is friendship, and OMC is loyalty.